Thunder Theories

With the Thunder taking a 3-1 lead on the Warriors, there are all sorts of theories abounding about why the defending champions – and the team with the best regular season record in history – is on the brink of elimination.

The ‘Steph Curry has to be injured’ theory: Definitely has some merit, especially with Curry looking like a shadow of himself for the past two games. Let’s see what happens in Game Five. If he comes out, lights it up and leads the Warriors to a big win, we can consign this one to the bin with the ‘Bob Marley was murdered during the fake moon landing’ theories.

The ‘Westbrook & Durant MVP snub’ theory: Hard to say. Perhaps this provides some internal motivation – and I can see it working for Westbrook – but I can’t see the two of them getting together and deciding to lead the Thunder to a win just to show the world that Steph shouldn’t have been a unanimous MVP.

The ‘Shouldn’t have gone for the regular season record’ theory: This one makes more sense than most, given the physical and mental toll the race to 73 wins must have taken on the Warriors.

The ‘Thunder are a better team’ theory: Sounds ludicrous, but when you break it down, an argument can be made that OKC has better personnel. If I offered you Durant and Westbrook for any two Warriors’ players, would you make the trade? Sure Steph would be in there, but who else? I also think the emergence of Stephen Adams has been a huge factor, as has Dion Waiters.

The ‘Kerr should play Andrew Bogut more’ theory: An obscure Australian theory that doesn’t carry too much weight.

bogut car
Andrew Bogut may be cruising in Australia sooner rather than later.